We run a Mattermost instance at

What is it?

It’s our primary means of communication!
We use this for basically everything:

  • Day to day chatting.
  • Support.
  • Relaying alerts/notifications from Zabbix.
  • Forwarding notifications from staff. For example, if an OS upgrade is incoming or an update which necessitates a server restart.
  • Feature requests and Feedback.

How do you use it?

There are two ways. You can use it in a browser at or if you’d like, you can download the Mattermost app here. Registration is open and email-verification is enabled to avoid abuse.

Feel free to use whatever username you'd like, two-factor authentication is enabled and all user information is hidden by default. You don't _need_ to stay signed in 24/7, if you receive a message while offline you'll receive an email reminder.

Unfortunately a Mattermost bug means some email can end up in your Spam folder so be sure to check and mark as 'Not junk'.

Why use Mattermost?

For us, the answer is simple. Everything we can host/supply ourselves is another way we can ensure client information is kept safe and secure.
Slack, Discord (etc) is another dependancy we can’t control or manage. We love IRC too, but decided Mattermost was the best fit for such an integral part of our stack.

Besides all that, it’s open source, audited and we love it - try it out!