Why do I need this?

Tired of paying for paying for 5 different streaming services?
Thought about setting up a Plex server and doing it yourself?

  • You have no linux experience?
  • You don’t have the time?

Relax and let us do it for you. Come chat, you tell us what you want and together we’ll assemble the best setup for you.

First, choose the apps you'd like and we'll then deploy our thoroughly tested stack to your server and configure everything to your liking.
We do ask that we start with a clean server running Ubuntu 20.04.

Afterwards, we handle day to day server events and you're kept in the loop 100%.

Should an issue appear, we will troubleshoot issues with you and advise where necessary. We're here to help!

What servers do we support?

Only dedicated servers - shared boxes aren’t eligible.
We suggest using OVH, Leaseweb or Hetzner.
Of course, we’re happy to work with other providers too!

What operating system do we use?

We use the newest LTS Ubuntu server release, as of right now it’s 20.04.

Where do we operate?

Our long term goal is to have a presence in every datacenter our clients operate.
For example, if you have an OVH server in Roubaix, then we want to have a Zabbix proxy in Roubaix to minimize latency.

Why don’t we offer <insert app>?

We likely haven’t gotten around to it yet. Feel free to drop us a message in #feedback and we’ll prioritise as necessary!

While we aim to keep everything as streamlined and stable as possible, we’d also like to be flexible and make things easier for you. After all, if we deploy it, it’s easier for us to monitor it and troubleshoot any issues.

Do we support third party storage?

Sure! If rclone can connect to it we can hook you up.

We'll help you get your mounts setup, monitor the mounts themselves and setup automated uploading/downloading.
Just send us a message on Mattermost and let us know.