We automatically generate and point free subdomains for every client. The subdomain itself is randomly generated and would resemble something like IE - <n 6-random-digits>

How does the proxy work for Apps?

It’s pretty simple really. Each app works under their own subdirectory so an example setup might look like this:


Each proxy is added and removed dynamically, if an app is added or removed.

Can you use your own Domain?

Sure! Just let us know and we’d be happy to set that up for you.

What about SSL certs?

We use Certbot so that means free Lets Encrypt certificates. We handle both the initial setup and the ongoing renewals for you.
If you use your own domain all you have to do is ensure your DNS is pointed correctly and we handle the rest.

Why Cloudflare?

The big advantage with Cloudflare is their ludicrous network. This helps with routing when watching Plex/Jellyfin, as does their CDN which we have enabled by default.

We are always evaluating other options though and if one does appear that better suits our model we'll let you know.