How it works

You bring your server to us, you tell us what you want and we set it up for you.
Afterwards, we manage it for you to ensure everything runs as smooth as possible.

How do we deploy apps?

We use jenkins and ansible as our primary deployment tools. This does mean we need root access. If you need root too, just let us know.

How do we deploy OS updates/patches?

We use our own mirror of the public Ubuntu apt repositories.

Some hosts like to change the default mirrors to one they provide and this can present a security problem (albeit unlikely).

We host our own mirror to ensure you get safe & legitimate updates only.
We deploy updates every day at 18:00 UTC and our mirror is updated hourly.
We also run our own huginn instance to keep us updated on new releases.

How does the monitoring work?

We use Zabbix as our primary monitoring tool.

The Zabbix agent checks in with our nearest zabbix proxy once a minute to report metrics. This is then fleshed out with several templates, for example, to monitor SSH availability.

If SSH was to become unresponsive, an alert would be raised to our engineers and simultaneously, zabbix messages your own mattermost channel. SSH is just an example obviously, everything is monitored. CPU, disk IO etc, down to custom alerts for any app we setup for you.

We also leverage rsyslog to transport your syslogs to our ingest server. This is then processed by loki and promtail and monitored by our internal grafana instance. The advantage of this is we can also track errors & warnings, not just failures.